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The Discussion Forum module allows you to create your own community on your homepage. Users can create as many themes as they like. Users can reply to any topic. The topics are arranged in descending order. The topic with the last entry is always the most current. The answers are arranged in ascending order in order to be able to read the course of the discussion.

Click on the image to test the Forum Live

The number of topics per page, the number of replies per page and the layout can be changed. To improve performance, if the topics per page or the replies per page are exceeded, older entries are automatically displayed on page 2, 3 ... shifted.

The forum is search engine friendly and contains the topic of the page in the title as well as in the URL. The entire page is created on the server side to prevent incomplete pages.

The number of responses, number of calls, entry time, user name and IP address of the author are documented. In order to improve the transparency of the forum, a full text search is included, which is limited to the forum records only.

On the entry page you can enter a name, an email address and a comment. Additionally links, pictures and emotion smileys can be inserted. These elements are integrated in a safe way. In doing so, contained HTML tags, Java scripts etc. are formed harmlessly. Also the popular �Link to the own homepage setzen� remains by the binding of the left by means of �norefer� without effect for the author.

The forum automatically sends an email to the specified user when an entry is made. This allows unwanted entries to be deleted or changed. Since all email accounts of the bluetronix software support POP3, STMP and IMAP, you can set up the email address for the forum entry on your mobile phone or PDA. Thus you receive entries in real time directly on your mobile phone.

Changing and deleting forum entries can be done easily using the so-called edit buttons.

In combination with the module �Interne Bereiche� the forum can be password protected completely or only the entry pages. This means that entries can only be made by registered users. Each registration requires an email address to which the password will be sent. This also makes it easier to block users, as blocking the IP often has no effect.

With the module �Newsletter� you can also send newsletters with new information about the forum to all registered users.

Installation of the CMS module Discussion Forum

In the editing mode of the homepage, click on  Modules -> Discussion forum. Select a directory and click on Create Forum. The module creates the database and the files for the forum.

The forum is now over http://www.bluetronix-demo.de/Forum/Forum.html reachable. To connect the forum with a menu item, click on  Edit menu and create a new menu item with the name �Forum�. Now click on  Create link and select in the directory �Forum� the file �Forum.html�. Save the menu and test the functions.

Easy modification and deletion of records in the forum

You can easily change or delete the entries using the database buttons      are carried out. In edit mode these buttons are displayed for each entry (data record). With one click on  Edit record the dataset opens in the database editor. If you only want to change one entry for one topic, first select the desired topic.

Database record view using the example of the forum

Now you can easily add or change text and descriptions. The topic entries are automatically sorted in descending order according to the entry date. Thus the most current entry is always on the 1st position.

The entries of the answers (on the topic pages) are arranged in ascending order to better follow the course of the discussion.

To delete an unwanted entry (record � both a topic or a reply), click on the Delete icon in the entry row. For more information about changing records, see the Editing Records chapter.

Easy modification of forum pages - Layout adjustments

With the bluetronix software you can also database mask of the forum pages can be edited and adapted. To edit the page, click on the edit Symbol.

Topic page of the forum in the editor

In the editor individual adjustments of the layout, colours and background images are possible. For more information on editing a page in the Editor, refer to the chapter The Homepage Editor. For instructions on changing the global layout (colors and images), see Edit Layout.

Through the multiple installation of the module, discussion forums can be created for different categories. For example, in several languages.

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