The bluetronix software also includes an email function. Here email addresses matching the domain can be created or redirected. With the included webmailer emails can be read and written directly online. All mailboxes support POP3, STMP and IMAP. Thus the emails can be retrieved in Outlook, Thunderbird or even a PDA or mobile phone.

In combination with the user system, email addresses can be assigned to specific users.

The email address management

Email addresses are created and configured in the email address management. Start the address administration under Email -> Email address management.

Create new email address

Enter the new email name, for example �info� and, if there are several domains, select the domain name from the selection. Click on Create. The email address is created and appears with Status Yellow. After a maximum of 2 minutes (press the F5 key to update) the status changes to *green and the email address is set up.

Change password of email address

Click next to the corresponding email address on Password. Then enter the new password and for checking purposes enter the new password a second time and click on Change Password.

Redirect email address

Click next to the corresponding email address on Redirect. Enter the email address to which the redirection should be made. Note that this address has an external domain. Click on the Save. To delete the redirection, click in the address management on Delete call forwarding.

Email data sheet � Data for Outlook POP3, STMP, IMAP

Click next to the corresponding email address on Data sheet. You will need this data to set up Outlook, Thunderbird or for your PDA or mobile phone.

 Note: Each email address has its own data. If you have created several e-mail addresses and want to set them up in Outlook, first retrieve the respective data for each e-mail address and save them.

The IMAP protocol is best suited for setting up email addresses, including PDA�s or mobile phones. Here, the emails are deleted on the server as soon as they are retrieved, unlike the POP3 protocol. Even if several users use a mailbox, the IMAP protocol is the best option.

 Note that when using the IMAP protocol, the emails are not automatically deleted when retrieved, so the mailbox may fill up quickly. Delete unneeded emails to free up disk space.

Read and write emails with the Webmailer

With the Webmailer you always have access to your emails. The webmailer allows reading and writing emails directly online without any additional software. To start the webmailer, click in the edit mode of your homepage on Email -> Read and write emails.

To change the mailbox (if you have several email addresses), select the desired email address in the selection. On the left side you will find the email folders and in the main window the current emails.

Write new email
Update mailbox � Retrieve emails
Answer email � first select an email with one click
Reply to all
Forward Email
Delete email
Print Email
Open address book

Read email

To read an email, double click on the email. Here in the example is �Willkommen�. Now the email can be sent with a click on Answer Email can be answered.

Writing emails

In the editor, click on the symbol New email write. Enter the email address of the recipient and specify a subject. In the lower part of the webmails the editor is called. Help on the operation of the editor can be found in the

Chapter The Homepage Editor. With the help of the editor, emails can also be saved as templates, for example. Enter a sample text and click Send email.

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