The newsletter system sends an email to several recipients simultaneously, for example to your registered customers in the shop system or forum.

Email and address lists can be imported and exported from Outlook etc. via the database management. See the chapter Newsletter. The newsletter module also has functions such as subscribing to newsletters and unsubscribing from newsletters.

Installation of the CMS module Newsletter

In the editing mode of the homepage, click on  Modules -> Newsletter. Select a directory and click on Create. The module creates the page Entry.html, Insert.html (newsletter registration), Cancel.html, DelInsert.html (newsletter cancellation) and the page Template.html (template for writing a newsletter).

The entry page is now accessible via attainable.

Easy changing of the newsletter pages - Layout adjustments

With the bluetronix software you can also database mask of the newsletter pages can be edited and adapted. To edit the page, click on the edit Symbol.

Page Newsletter entry in the editor

In the editor individual adjustments of the layout, colours and background images are possible. For more information on editing a page in the Editor, refer to the chapter The Homepage Editor. For instructions on changing the global layout (colors and images), see Edit Layout.

Through the multiple installation of the module, different newsletter groups, such as forum, shop customer or employees, can be realized.

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