Statistics - Access evaluation

The statistics record the access of your visitors in detail. An analysis of the hits per month, the used traffic as well as a detailed analysis of the hits per day, hour etc. are available.

The access evaluation is an important tool, for example for shop operators, to monitor the effectiveness of ad placements and Internet advertising.

Data transfer, number of visitors

Open in edit mode of your homepage Statistics -> Data transfer. In the overview you will find the number of visitors, the accessed pages and the used transfer volume per month.

A detailed evaluation is available for each month. Please click on Details.

In the detailed view, the accesses can be displayed per day, per hour and by country. The function �Suchwörter� is also helpful. Here you will find all the keywords that your visitors entered in search engines before clicking on your site. The function �Top-Seiten� displays the most frequently accessed pages in ascending order.

 The access evaluation is generally updated only once a day.

Individual visitor evaluation

In addition to the statistical evaluation, the software also offers the so-called visitor individual evaluation for the last 30 days. Here you will find the accesses of each user as well as of search engines. Online shops or the page navigation can be optimized with this function. Since the search engines and their accesses are also displayed, websites can be optimized exactly and traceably for search engines.

To start the individual evaluation open Statistics -> Individual visitor evaluation. Select a date from the selection and click Start.

In the individual evaluation, all visitors are displayed in a column according to their IP addresses. For each visitor, all pages called up are listed in order and with the time intervals. It can be seen whether the visitor was a human or a search engine. For search engines the name of the search engine is displayed. With persons the browser as well as the origin is indicated.

 The individual visitor evaluation is live and determines the data directly when clicking on the function.

How did a visitor come to my homepage? What did a visitor enter in the search engine?

These questions can be answered with the help of the individual visitor evaluation. Start the individual evaluation under Statistics -> Individual visitor evaluation. Select a date from the selection and click Start.

At every  person, the origin is displayed under the IP address. Here the search engine appears, through which the visitor reached your website. If this field is empty, the domain name �von Hand� was entered in the browser.

To still determine what the visitor has entered in the search engine, click on the search engine name. The result can be displayed as shown in the picture below. Here you can see the search engine, the entered search term as well as your website and its position.

Storage space management

The disk space management shows the used web space for files, email addresses and databases.

 Do not exceed the storage space, switch to a larger web package when the limit is reached or reduce the storage by deleting data that is no longer needed. Exceeding the memory limit automatically locks the editing mode.

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